Poster presentation

Given the very full conference programme. The poster session will be free discussion during coffee breaks and if someone is not interested in watching the lectures. Each participant will be able to vote for the 5 posters that most interested them.

Gala dinner - venue

Gala dinner - venue

In 1892, a new post office was buil in Liberec, where traders and speculators eagerly awaited their news. On the other side of the square, to appease their impatience, Mr. Cloin opened his "viennese café," called "Café Pošta." It became an oasis of comfort and social life. With it´s spiral columns, adorned with wooden panels and mirrors, it created an exceptionally elegant environment that became a venue for business meetings, cultural events, and simple joys of life. Today, Café Pošta is a rare gem, documenting the charm and style of the late 19th century, registered in the list of cultural monuments.

Acceptance letters

Due to previous technical issues with blocked conference email, the sending of acceptance letters will be delayed.

They will be sent as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.

How to get from Prague Airport to Liberec

You can find a detailed description of the journey from Prague airport to Liberec on this link for our foreign visits.

The journey from the airport to Liberec

For those staying in places other than student dormitories, the journey ends at point 5, where there is a city transport bus terminal and a taxi stand.

Conference email

As a result of a hacker attack on the Autex conference email box, this email was blocked.
It is now unblocked, but we still ask you to send all correspondence in a copy to the email address:

Pending emails will be processed according to the date of delivery.

Poster printing

It is possible to have a poster printed at TUL, in A0 format, according to the template saved in pdf. The delivery date for the poster for printing is May 31, 2024.

The printing fee is 30 Euro, in cash at the conference location.

Food at the conference - Lunches

Food at the conference - Lunches

Lunches will take place in the form of buffet. Each participant will be able to choose a lunch according to their taste. There will be dishes with both meat and vegetables. In the meat variety, poultry, beef and fish will be served and it will be marked with a sign.

Faculty of Textile Engineering

Faculty of Textile Engineering

The Faculty of Textile Engineering (established in the year 1960) is one of the largest faculties in the EU involved in all-round textile material engineering.